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Local weather hybrid app to display wind conditions and forecast for a specific location (Zaragoza, Spain)
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Cierzo Maño is a JavaScript fast dev test hybrid application built with PhoneGap, using the weather API. The UI targets on display the wind current conditions and forecast for a specific location, in this case: — The windy city of Zaragoza, Spain.

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$ git clone`
  • Install dependencies:
$ npm install
  • Sign up for a Dark Sky API Key:

  • Edit the file cierzo/api/config.sample.php file and rename it to cierzo/api/config.php, use the secret API Key given to you by DarkSky.

	return array(
		'darksky_api_key' 	=> 'alphanumeric API Key from DarkSky',
		'darksky_base_url' 	=> '',
		'latitude' 			=> 41.65, // Zaragoza, Spain (Lat)
		'longitude' 		=> -0.883, // Zaragoza, Spain (Lng)
		'lang' 				=> 'es',
		'units' 			=> 'ca', // auto | ca | uk2 | us | si
  • Now you can build the project with gulp
$ gulp

# If you don't already have gulp, first do:
$ npm install gulp-cli -g

This will create the compiled project on the www/ folder.

Credits / Libraries

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