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πŸ’¬ Only CSS lightweight, minimal and simple tooltips. No dependencies, no javascript, no rubbish, just around ~500 Bytes gzipped
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πŸ’¬ css-tooltip

Only CSS lightweight, minimal and simple tooltips


$ npm i css-tooltip

You can download it here or include the css file directly from

<link rel="stylesheet" src="" />


Include the css-tooltip minified stylesheet file on the head of your document.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/to/css-tooltip.min.css" />

Add the data-tooltip attribute to the element you want the tooltip in. The value of that attribute will be the text shown by the tooltip

<a href="#" data-tooltip="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...">tooltip</a>


There are some available classes to apply different styling to the tooltip

  • tooltip-multiline : Creates a multiline tooltip

Positioning :

  • tooltip-bottom : Places the tooltip at the bottom (centered)
  • tooltip-bottom-right : Places the tooltip at the bottom right.
  • tooltip-bottom-left : Places the tooltip at the bottom left.
  • tooltip-top-right : Places the tooltip at the top right.
  • tooltip-top-left : Places the tooltip at the top left.

There's no tooltip-top class as it is the default styling for the tooltip


You just need to add the class with the style you want to apply, for example, a multiline tooltip located on the bottom left would have the class tooltip-multiline tooltip-bottom-left :

<a href="#" class="tooltip-multiline tooltip-bottom-left" data-tooltip="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla a venenatis massa.">tootltip</a>

The following page has got some examples using the different styles :


You can customize the output of the tooltip by tweaking the source file variables src/css-tooltip.scss.

// Self explanatory names

$background-color   : #333;
$foreground-color   : #eee;
$arrow-size         : 8px;
$vertical-shift     : 12px;
$multiline-width    : 240px;
$tooltip-padding    : 8px 12px;
$roundness          : 3px; // 0 || border-radius
$shadow             : 0 5px 15px -5px rgba(0, 0, 0, .65); // 0 || box-shadow
$load-styles        : true !default; // false to remove the extra styles.

Then you'll have to build the CSS file:


# Install dependencies
$ npm install

# Edit as your wish the main file ./src/css-tooltip.scss
$ npm run watch  # to see changes while editing the file
$ npm run build  # to create the distributable files


ISC Β© Jorge Moreno β€” @alterebro

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