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Basque Mountains Generator / Generador de Montes Vascos / Euskal Herriko Mendiak Sortzailea.
Basque Mountains Landscape Wallpaper Images generation with Perlin Noise, SVG and JavaScript.
Built using: Parcel, SVG,js, TinyColor and Perlin Noise. Deployment with Netlify



Clone or download the repository, install development dependencies and install Parcel if you already haven't.

$ git clone
$ cd mendiak/
$ npm install
$ npm install -g parcel-bundler

— Start Development Server

$ npm run dev
# $ parcel src/index.html

— Build Project

$ npm run build
# $ rm -rf dist
# $ parcel build src/index.html --no-source-maps && cp -a src/static/. dist/

— Serve built project (/dist files)

$ npm run serve
# $ npm run build
# $ ip=`ipconfig getifaddr en0`; php -S $ip:8000 -t dist/

— Deploy (via Netlify)

No need for this: Auto publishing is on. Deploys from master are published automatically.

$ npm run deploy
# $ npm run build && netlify deploy --prod

Jorge Moreno aka Moro@alterebro.

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