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Easy way to cook your structs for tests 🍪
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This small library is fully inspired by Fabrication gem for Rails and has the same goals: single point to generate structs and structs trees for tests.

This library gives you a some small DSL for defining fabricators.

It is a dirty implementation which has a many restrictions but is good enough for starting.


You can install this package from Hex:

  def deps do
    [{:ex_fabricators, "~> 0.1.0"}]

Or you can install it from github:

  def deps do
    [{:ex_fabricators, github: "alterego-labs/ex_fabricators"}]


For first you must to define your fabricators. By default the folder for fabricators is test/fabricators so just add under this folder files with content like the following:

use ExFabricators.Builder

fabricator :team, YourApp.Structs.Team

Save code above into test/fabricators/team_fabricator.exs file. Always name files by <context>_fabricator.exs pattern because this package expects it.

The next step is to load fabricators. For this add the next line into test_helper.exs:

ExFabricators.take_all!(Path.join(File.cwd!, "test/fabricators"))

Then in tests or in setup callbacks you can run fabricators like this:

As a result you give initialized YourApp.Structs.Team struct with default properties.

If you try to build undefined fabricator RuntimeError will be thrown.

The last parameter of the fabricator/3 macro is an anonymous function that must return a Map. So, for example, if your Team struct has id property and you want to set it while building do it like the following:

  fabricator :team, YourApp.Structs.Team, fn -> %{id: 2} end

The you can provide some dependencies for the building structs:

  fabricator :event, YourApp.Structs.Event, fn -> %{home_team:} end
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