ChronoZoom is an interactive timeline for all of history.
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ChronoZoom is an interactive timeline for all of history:

Explore all of the past - from the Big Bang, to the dinosaurs, to ancient and modern history.

Current version is built on Microsoft .NET Framework and requires Visual Studio Package Manager to install packages for the first run.


For Developers

  • If you are new to Github, Learning To Use Github will help get you started.
  • You can follow ChronoZoom's bugs and activity here.
  • Work items and goals are managed on Trello here.
  • Project workflow and developer guidelines are available here.
  • Skype "ChronoZoom Development" group here.


  • Make a fork of ChronoZoom.
  • Run git clone git://<your-username>/ChronoZoom.git to clone it to local computer (Case Sensitive)
  • Install Windows Identity Foundation (Control Panel, Programs and Features, Turn Windows Feature on or off, Turn on Windows Identity Foundation 3.5)
  • Launch Source\Chronozoom.sln
  • Enable EnableNuGetPackageRestore (Right click on VS Solution - Enable NuGet Package Restore)
  • Use [F5] to compile and run ChronoZoom locally

For detailed instructions, see the ChronoZoom Developer's Guide.


ChronoZoom is built and maintained by a growing community, with the support of:

  • University of California Berkeley
  • Moscow State University
  • Microsoft Research


ChronoZoom is made available under the Apache 2.0 license.

To contribute to the project, please sign a Contributor's Agreement.

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