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Contribute Your Skills to ChronoZoom

The ChronoZoom community welcomes your contributions! There are plenty of ideas, big and small, to try and implement. From bug fixes and new features, to curriculum and documentation, opportunities abound for this multifaceted project.


We encourage developers to fork the ChronoZoom codebase, play with it, and suggest code improvements by creating pull requests.

Content Contributors

If you are a teacher you can create curriculum that integrates ChronoZoom's unique features to create compelling experiences for students of all grade levels. There is even a template involving a secretive organization from the future that uses time travel to alter pivotal events in world history! For more information, and example curriculum sets, see

Documentation Contributors

If you use ChronoZoom in any capacity, you are qualified to help other users by adding to the documentation, and/or by making fixes to the existing docs. Read About ChronoZoom Documentation to learn more.

Make a Pebble!

A ChronoZoom Developer Pebble is a well formed description of an enhancement to ChronoZoom in support of an existing or future feature that the community would like to see. It's how we do feature requests, and anybody can submit a pebble! For more information, see About Developer Pebbles.

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