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ActiveRecord aware workflow (state machine) module
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Flojo is a simple ActiveRecord aware state machine module, but it will also work with any plain old ruby object.
When used within an ActiveRecord subclass, flojo events can automatically save a record after a transition.

After including the module in your class and configuring it with an event, and a state, you can interact with instances of that class using the dynamically generated methods of the following form:

object.wf_event #Triggers event and invokes any applicable transitions
object.wf_event! #Behaves just like object.wf_event but will also persist object. 
object.wf_state?  #Returns true if the current workflow state is _state_.  
object.wf_current_state #Returns the objects current state.

To avoid method name collisions with your classes, Flojo methods are usually prefixed with wf_.
The wf_ is also handy when you need to interact with your objects in irb. Just type wf_ and tab...

See test.rb, test_active_record.rb and test_helper.rb for concrete examples.


Install the gem with

gem install flojo

Alternatively, download lib/flojo.rb and copy it to your project's lib folder.


require 'flojo' 

class Baby 
  # Include the module
  include Flojo

  # configure the states. The first element represents the initial state
  workflow_states [:asleep, :crying, :pooping, :chilling, :puking]

  # configure your transitions. Using: transition :begin_state, :end_state
  event :feed do
    transition :crying, :chilling
    transition :chilling, :pooping

  event :rock do
    transition :crying, :chilling
    transition :chilling, :asleep
    transition :asleep, :pooping

  event :burp do
    transition :crying, :chilling
    transition :chilling, :puking

  event :wake do
    transition :asleep, :crying

  event :spank do 
    # :any is a wildcard state and is only valid as a begin state.
    transition :any, :crying

  # event, enter state and exit state callbacks should take the following forms:
  # wf_on_event, wf_on_enter_state and wf_on_exit_state and are only called if they are defined  
  def wf_on_spank
    puts "Never spank a baby! Somebody dial 911!"

  def wf_on_enter_chilling
    puts "drool and fart"

  def wf_on_exit_asleep
    puts "waaaaah waaaaah waaaaaah"

  # called only after an event yields a transition.
  def wf_after_transition
    puts "Send a tweet baby is alive and kicking"

  # called only after an event triggers a save.
  def wf_after_save
    puts "Send a tweet saying baby was saved"


baby =
baby.wf_current_state #Should return :awake          

ActiveRecord specific details

If you want the current workflow state persisted, your table needs to have a string column named wf_state. If your table has a wf_last_event column, that column will store the most recent event triggered on the object. The module will still work if the wf_state is absent but the workflow state will be transient. When used within an ActiveRecord subclass, the "!" versions of the wf_event methods will - trigger a record save immediately after transition.


baby.wf_feed  #Will not trigger a save. 
baby.wf_feed! #Will trigger a save.


Copyright (c) 2010 Joey Adarkwah

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