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Integrate Woodwork #1277

merged 110 commits into from Sep 17, 2021

Integrate Woodwork #1277

merged 110 commits into from Sep 17, 2021


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@thehomebrewnerd thehomebrewnerd commented Dec 15, 2020

This PR is being opened in draft mode to help track when the woodwork-integration branch is out of date with main and needs to be updated.

Changes needed to support Woodwork integration in Featuretools should be merged into the woodwork-integration branch first. Once all significant changes are complete, the woodwork-integration branch can be merged into main after reviews are complete.


* move add interesting values to EntitySet

* update release notes

* add test for verbose output

* update test for better coverage

* coverage update

* remove outdated comments

* rename entity to datatable

* fix release notes

* update logger in test

* fix merge conflicts

* rename datatable_id to entity_id
@thehomebrewnerd thehomebrewnerd marked this pull request as draft December 15, 2020 20:04
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codecov bot commented Dec 15, 2020

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Merging #1277 (a4c3648) into main (1bd6568) will increase coverage by 0.04%.
The diff coverage is 99.60%.

Impacted file tree graph

@@            Coverage Diff             @@
##             main    #1277      +/-   ##
+ Coverage   98.63%   98.67%   +0.04%     
  Files         140      138       -2     
  Lines       14989    15336     +347     
+ Hits        14784    15133     +349     
+ Misses        205      203       -2     
Impacted Files Coverage Δ
featuretools/entityset/ 100.00% <ø> (ø)
...ools/primitives/base/ 100.00% <ø> (ø)
featuretools/primitives/base/ 96.34% <ø> (ø)
...uretools/tests/computational_backend/ 100.00% <ø> (ø)
featuretools/tests/ 100.00% <ø> (ø)
featuretools/tests/demo_tests/ 100.00% <ø> (ø)
featuretools/tests/entityset_tests/ 100.00% <ø> (ø)
featuretools/tests/entityset_tests/ 100.00% <ø> (ø)
...uretools/tests/entityset_tests/ 100.00% <ø> (ø)
...aturetools/tests/entityset_tests/ 100.00% <ø> (ø)
... and 125 more

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Contributor Author

Due to Woodwork redesign work that will change the API, this work is being put on hold. This branch (woodwork-integration) contains changes that will likely be needed once the Woodwork integration work resumes. After the Woodwork redesign is complete, the integration work can be restarted from this branch.

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Contributor Author

Opening to restart work on integrating Woodwork.

thehomebrewnerd and others added 5 commits April 8, 2021 16:06
* update Relationship init

* refactor add_relationship

* update dostring

* update release notes

* revert files

* test coverage fix

* restrict smart-open

* update code terminology

* allow relationship object for adding relationships

* test error

* add breaking changes to release notes

* update relationship construction

* pr clean up

* update schema version to 6.0.0

* add code examples to release notes

* lots of renaming

* update docs
tamargrey and others added 3 commits May 24, 2021 14:49
* Create separate files for ww changes

* comement out unecessary methods for now

* Allow initalizing an entityset with woodwork dataframes

* Allow adding a dataframe with params

* Get getitem working

* test add dataframe directly

* update repr

* get relationship init working no real checks

* update relationship path methods

* start working on normalize dataframe

* Get secondary_time_index working

* Get normalize dataframe working

* cleanup df usage

* clean  up time index usage

* cleanup comments

* Get update dataframe working

* Add comment

* Move changes to regular entityset file and comment out es tests

* start converting tests to use woodwork

* continue moving over tests

* more tests

* use logical types instead of vtypes

* Use string dtypes for default dtype values

* more test changes

* remove uneccessary files

* clean up comments

* fix rest of non behavior change tests

* get make_ecommerce_entityset and fixture working

* start using es tests - broken koalas

* have child and parent columns have woodwork info

* relationship tests

* Use woodwork typing for time type

* performe inference on column if necessary

* convert remaining possible tests

* fix koalas fixture to handle nans

* start working on last time indexes

* use ww syntax in last_time_indexes

* update names

* small fixes

* fix datetime conversion error

* use ww for test_last_time_index

* get some lti tests running

* Get last time index tests working apart from koalas make index

* cleanup comments

* Cleanup imports

* fix matching index and time index tests

* Only use first column as index if woodwork not initialized

* stop allowing non string column names

* warn if performing type inference on dask and koalas

* xfail koalas make index tests

* Update index reordering test to not care about reordering

* Change logical type of foreign key if it doesn't match the index's

* Continue replacing Entity (#1416)

* warn for extra parameters

* update es_metadata tests - raising a lot of warnings??

* update timedelta tests

* Update dask es tests

* Update koalas es tests

* test update dataframe better

* sort at update_dataframe if necessary

* update column dtype properly

* allow woodwork initialized dataframe at update dataframe

* update sizeof

* update demo functions

* update docstrings

* Fix warnings in tests

* update error messages

* use latlong test with dask and koalas

* clean up comments

* use relationship attrs instead of woodwork name

* use get_df_tags better in tests

* fix reordering of columns in update dataframe

* remove unecessary latlong index setting

* start responding to PR comments

* use relationship attrs in entityset instead of woodwork attrs

* update foreign key usage in koalas and dask test

* More pr comments

* Keep original schema in update dataframe even if ww initialized

* create public and private set secondary time index methods

* fix update_dataframe docstring

* add test for external dataframe set secondary time index

* remove unecessary tests

* Clean up replace Entity Woodwork integration (#1427)

* remove woodwork index tags on relationship cols comment

* remove unecessary metadata setting

* cleanup conftest

* Add time type tests

* lint fix for testing

* clean up normalize dataframe

* clean up variable usage in tests

* Add time type test with double and integer

* reverse order of time type checks

* Add check that primary time index is set on a dataframe before adding secondary time index

* include column metadata and descriptions in normalization

* Store interesting values on column metadata (#1421)

* interesting values work

* update tests

* lint fix

* add test and lint fix

* fix test

* update docstring variable -> column

* update comment

* refactor finding where-able cols

* update comment

* lint fix again

* update docstring

* lint fix

* expand flight ordinal order

* expand docstring of set_Secondary_time_index

* change _parent_dataframe_id to _parent_dataframe_name

* change _child_dataframe_id to _child_dataframe_name

* change _child_column_id to _child_column_name

* change _parent_column_id to _parent_column_name

* change dataframe_id to dataframe_name

* more id to name changes

* change remaining id mentions

* update docstrings in entityset

* consolidate copy and additional columns validation

* look at copy columns for make time index

* lint fix

* confirm column doesnt get removed in copy columns

* Add breaking changes and update release notes

* Revert "lint fix" because of incorrect linting

This reverts commit a585c1f.

* lint fix

* Change woodwork requirements

* remove duplicate error message in dask and koalas tests

* make dataframe_name an optional parameter and require it if woodwork not initialized

* Update demo and mock entitysets to have optional dataframe name

* update remaining tests to use optional dataframe name

* Add parameter check to ltype comparison warning

* raise error for conflicting df names but allow same df name

* Change conflicting name error msg

Co-authored-by: Nate Parsons <>
* use latest woodwork version

* update woodwork requirement

* lint fix

* fix ltype parameter test

* Add release note

* fix reelease notes

* remove release note
* implement plot on entityset

* messy column schema for columns string

* simpler type string

* format column types better for plot

* Add release note

* Add note to docstring about woodwork typing
thehomebrewnerd and others added 20 commits September 1, 2021 12:14
Merge change from main - attempt 2
* initialize ww on feature matrix

* lint

* add origin attribute

* init ww on each partial feature matrix; update test answers

* update primitive return logical types

* fix some approximate tests

* fix for Koalas append issue

* bin cutoff times expects ww dataframe

* make helper and fix concat in parallel_calcluate_chunks

* make a copy of semantic tags before modifying

* various test fixes + lint fix + revert to_pandas changes

* copy semantic tags

* fix test_boolean_multiply

* fix

* make CumCount intergernullable

* add more to_pandas casts to test

* fix test_no_data_for_cutoff_time

* lint fix

* init ww on encoded feature matrix

* lint fix

* use None return type for NMostCommon

* fix test_init_and_name

* swap possible input order of PerentTrue to fix test

* make answer data a dataframe for easier comparison

* fix dask single table test

* fix test_transform_consistency

* fix test_dask_entityset_secondary_time_index

* fix test_approximate_features test

* fix test_features_only

* fix category dtype check

* new s3 urls for serialized objects

* update to Week ordinal to account for 53 week years

* add docstring and default args to get_ww_types

* update woodwork syntax in get_ww_types_from_features

* ordinal prims: fix order, specify order param

* calculate_chunk: single concat and then init ww

* update release notes

* fix range in hour primitive

* encode_features: use defaults in get_ww_types_from_features

* update label leakage example in docs faq

* make IsWeekend return type BooleanNullable

* enable dask test for test_concat_with_lti

* remove skip from koalas test

* include labels in test feature matrix

Co-authored-by: Nate Parsons <>
* fix typos in transition guide

* Add release note
Merge in latest changes from main
* Add banner to all docs pages about upcoming 1.0 release (#1669)

* add banner about FT1.0

* update release notes

* Update docs/source/templates/layout.html

Co-authored-by: Gaurav Sheni <>

* update banner message

* update transition guide link

* update wording

Co-authored-by: Gaurav Sheni <>

* v0.27.1 (#1671)

* v0.27.1

* update

* fix foreign key tag bug

* update release notes

Co-authored-by: Gaurav Sheni <>
* Automated Latest Dependency Updates (#1673)

* Remove old categorical code (#1677)

* remove old code

* update release notes

* spelling error

* fix merge issue

* reorg release notes

* lint fix?

* move future release

Co-authored-by: machineFL <>
Merge latest from main - attempt 2
* remove unused _dataframes_equal function

* remove unused camel_to_snake func

* update release notes

* lint fix
* bump woodwork requirement

* update release notes

* update other requirements files
* remove redundant coercion; woodwork init will cover this

* update release notes
* bump woodwork requirement

* don't build features on lti columns

* update release notes

* skip lti col in _add_identity_features instead
* initial comment clean up

* more clean up

* update release notes

* spelling fix

* fix vlaues
* encode feats - concat once and skip drop if not inplace

* use existing ww schema to skip infer on unchanged columns

* update release notes

* request the columns dictionary once
* bump ww min version to 0.8.1

* update release notes

* fix koalas file
@thehomebrewnerd thehomebrewnerd changed the title Integrate Woodwork [DO NOT MERGE] Integrate Woodwork Sep 17, 2021
@thehomebrewnerd thehomebrewnerd marked this pull request as ready for review September 17, 2021 16:27 Outdated Show resolved Hide resolved
@thehomebrewnerd thehomebrewnerd merged commit 9cc5e24 into main Sep 17, 2021
@thehomebrewnerd thehomebrewnerd mentioned this pull request Sep 17, 2021
@thehomebrewnerd thehomebrewnerd mentioned this pull request Oct 12, 2021
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