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Welcome to the Real Time Tactics wiki!

Initial Concept, from M3D:

Working Title: Line of Fire

Genre: Action Strategy

High Concept:

A strategy game laid out on a grid similar to “tactics” style RPG games. Players take control of a unit of soldiers with varying specialties such as snipers, shotgunners and assassins. Players spend energy points to move units around the map and position them to cover specific lines of fire across a map. Making use of obstacles, cover fire and smart maneuvering, players attempt to eliminate the enemy team and infiltrate their base.

Benefits: Rapid development, low graphics demands, deployment across a variety of platforms and browsers, same engine could be spun out to do similar games with new themes

Drawbacks: Completely new mechanics means it may require additional design and testing efforts to balance.

Community Contributions: New maps, new game modes, new soldier classes

Software Architecture: Here

Some Brainstorming: Here.

Tools being used in the project: Here

Game Mechanics: Here

Units and Values: Here

Art Direction / Concepts: Here

Music used in Game: Here