Playground for Spring application context created from modules using Java and XML config
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Spring fun

Example for blog post:

The project contains two client modules (client-with-java-config, client-with-xml-config) which both depend on the legacy-module which uses Spring XML config.

The legacy-module defines a GreetingService with an implementation (DutchGreetingService) and also a client of this GreetingService which is GreetingServiceClient

Now in the two client modules we depend on the legacy-module and use the GreetingServiceClient but we would like to override the GreetingService with its own implementation.

Client with XML Config

In the client-with-xml-config module we construct the application context like this:

ApplicationContext applicationContext = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(

The ordering of the resources matter. In the above scenario the DutchGreetingService from legacy-module will be overridden by the HungarianGreetingSerivce since both have the same id greetingService.

Client with Java Config

In the client-with-java-config module the default is the HungarianGreetingService which is always overridden by the DutchGreetingService from legacy-module. We cannot control the ordering of the resources when the combined application context is created.

@ImportResource(value = "classpath*:/META-INF/spring/module-context.xml")