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@jkilpatr jkilpatr released this Jun 22, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

What's new?

  • Password protection support for the router dashboard!
  • New relay management screen to manage neighbours connections and payments
  • Dramatic efficiency improvements thanks to async Babel interactions
  • Faster bandwidth usage saving, now every 4 hours rather than 24 so less data is lost on reboot
  • Use 105% of the median gas price in order to avoid the situation described in Dev update #70
  • Devices will now apply spare change from slight overpayments before instead of after enforcing
  • Fixed a bug where the exit may be paid twice in quick succession
  • Fixed a bug where the babel routing table could grow to large for Rita to read
  • Fixed a bug where N600's and N750's did not have all of their required packages installed

You can find flashing and getting started instructions here

This page contains images for supported devices, these images collect and send bug reports and technical operation data about billing and the mesh network automatically while we're Beta. No data about your browsing or home network is collected ever. All metrics we collect are held for no more than 14 days for debugging purposes.

If you would like images for other devices, or images with all data collection turned off by default see the releases section of the readme

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