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@jkilpatr jkilpatr released this Jul 31, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

What's new?

  • Upgraded to OpenWrt v18.06.4
  • Experimental Xdai bridge support, routers in xdai mode will bridge over ETH automagically when deposited
  • DAO address based pricing oracle more closely reflects eventual functionality
  • Fixes to rare payment failures
  • Fixes for importing backed up private keys
  • Fixes for exits behaving improperly when private keys where imported
  • Fixes for DAO payments sometimes causing the router to crash
  • Long term memory for router debts to prevent restarts resulting in not paying other people
  • Fix for the dashboard thinking routers had a password set when they did not
  • Added a version toggle that allows devices to opt into early access updates
  • Users can now visit instead of to access their own router dashboard.

You can find flashing and getting started instructions here

This page contains images for supported devices, these images collect and send bug reports and technical operation data about billing and the mesh network automatically while we're Beta. No data about your browsing or home network is collected ever. All metrics we collect are held for no more than 14 days for debugging purposes.

If you would like images for other devices, or images with all data collection turned off by default see the releases section of the readme

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