Source code for the MEO Cloud CLI
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Source code for the MEO Cloud CLI

Getting Started

  1. Create a link called meocloudd in the meocloud/client/linux/daemon/ folder, pointing to a meocloudd binary which can be found here:

    • If you already have meocloud installed in your machine, it should be in your installation folder (tipically it's /opt/meocloud).
    • If not, download the tar.gz version of meocloud from the url below, replacing $ARCH with your architecture (i386, x86_64, armv6l), meocloudd should be there too.


  2. Create another link in meocloud/client/linux/cli called daemon, pointing to meocloud/client/linux/daemon/

  3. Install virtualenv if you don't have it already.

  4. Create a virtualenv for this project and activate it (although it's not required, you can also take a look at virtualenvwrapper).

  5. Install the requirements for this project by running pip install -r requirements.txt.

  6. Add the meocloud folder to your Python PATH. One easy way to do this is to create a link to the meocloud folder inside your site-packages folder in your virtualenv (you can get there easily if you installed virtualenvwrapper by running cdsitepackages)

  7. Start MEO Cloud with python meocloud/client/linux/cli/ start.

    NOTE: If you had MEO Cloud installed and running, this will be equivalent to running meocloud start which will fail since only one meocloud can be running at one time. Stop it first and try again.