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A python implementation of Altilly's REST API
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A python implementation of Altilly's REST API


Simply clone the repository and include it in your project, or make a new .py file and copy-paste the RAW text into it.

Example usage:

Make an instance of the class like so:

from altillyApiClass import AltillyApi

altilly_api_client = AltillyApi(<APIKEY>, <APISECRET>)

You can also instantiate it without key, secret as follows:

altilly_api_client = AltillyApi()

if you only need public queries.

query account balances:

balance_info = altilly_api_client.get_balances()

place a simple order:

order = altilly_api_client.create_order('ETHBTC', 'sell', '1.0', '0.0505')

see for full documentation on the REST API.

found it useful?

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