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Controller Board with ROS Embedded
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Controller Board with ROS Embedded

This is a software for DuckiePilot 1.2 board. It has a TM4C123 microcontroller.

The board consists of:

2 Motor Drivers
2 Hardware Quadrature Encoder Interfaces (QEI)
5 Serially addressable leds.
2 I2C Ports
2 SPI Ports
2 Serial Ports 
2 DS18B20 temperature sensors
4 Ch ADC Port
On board RTC
Hibernate and Wake circuitry
2 independent 3V3 Power buses, for peripheals and mcu. The peripheals can be shutdown by mcu.
4 Ch ADC Port
On board Power supply unit (Pololu #2831)
IMU Port. (GY-BNO055)
JTAG Port for reprogramming the firmware

The motor driver current is measured by the mcu as well as fault conditions.

Namely, it connects to a roscore with rosserial, and you get:

/cmd_vel subscriber
/odom publisher
/tf publisher
/leds subscriber
/pilotConfig service

The pilotConfig Service, configures the robot for

float32 kP
float32 kI
float32 basewidth
float32 ppr
float32 ticks

alt text

PCB design for the 1.0 version of the board.

alt text

1.0 Board constructed.

alt text

Board controlling 2 N20 motors. One of the I2C ports is inhabited with a commodity compass sensor. One of the serial ports is connected to the dorji transceiver. The dorji transceiver is not required for this project at all, but it is just an optional port with 3 DIO pins, and RX,TX. Can also be helpful to connect a lidar.

alt text

PCB design for the 1.1 version of the board.


2 SPI Ports
4 Ch ADC
On board Power supply unit (Pololu #2831)

1.1 Board constructed.

alt text

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