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Netflix like web app for watching animes
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Open Source Love Open Source Love PRs Welcome

Your anime best fren.


Hello good people, with the demise of Masterani a chapter is closed in our books too. Our application relied heavily on their service to provide our users with the experience we previously did. What does that mean for Monimo? It basically means we are refugees just like you. But while you are looking for a website, we are looking for a service that feeds us data, which we can use to bring our beloved application back to life. An announcment will be made when that happens. Till then, Sayonara mother*******s !


For people that love animes, there are not tons of great choices. Crunchyroll just sucks. Netflix selection sucks too. So what if we had something that offers a kick-ass experience with all the animes you can watch, for the awesome price of 0$ a month ?

Introducing MONIMO. The best application to watch your favorite animes in. It has all the features you would want. Continue where you left off, check out latest releases, next episode plays automatically, and most importantlly NO ADS!

alt text

It doesn't use torrents, but instead uses @masteranidotme API. That means if you are feeling nostalgic and just want to see Naruto's first episode, it will work. It also means the whole thing is very dependent on the wellbeing of @masteranidotme 🙌🏻

Blog post on why's and how's of it

Huge thanks to Shpetim and Aurora for their contributions.

Project setup

npm install

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm run serve:electron

Compiles and minifies for production

npm run build:electron

Lints and fixes files

npm run lint


1) Incorporate Electron, making the application available on macOS, Windows & Linux.
2) Create a consistent video-player view, where no ads shall be shown.
3) Implement auto-play next, skip intro and resume playing.
4) Run the node-js scrapper inside Electron, so the whole thing sits in client machine
5) Publish

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