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What is CherrySeed?

CherrySeed is a simple .NET library built to solve a common problem - creating and seeding test data into the database. This type of code is boring to write and bringing relations under control is hard, so why not use a library for that?

Why use CherrySeed?

  • Bring relations between entities under control with an easy-to-use API
  • High separation of concerns
    • Data providers (defining test data via csv, json, xml, etc.)
    • Repository (storing test data via O/R mapping framework of your choice)
  • Some ready-to-use data providers and repositories
  • High extensibility
    • Custom data providers
    • Custom repositories
    • Custom type transformations
    • Extension points
  • Many types are supported out of the box (integer, string, enum, nullable types, etc.)

How do I use CherrySeed?

var config = new CherrySeedConfiguration(cfg =>
    // set data provider
    cfg.WithDataProvider(new CsvDataProvider());

    // set repository
    cfg.WithGlobalRepository(new EfRepository());

    // set entity specific settings
        .WithPrimaryKey(e => e.Identification);

var cherrySeeder = config.CreateSeeder();

More see in Getting Started.



Copyright (c) Michael Altmann. See LICENSE for details.