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Food vectors. Live demo at https://altosaar.github.io/food2vec/, blog post with more information and pretty plots here: https://jaan.io/food2vec-augmented-cooking-machine-intelligence/


Train a model on the recipes dataset, replicate the results from the blog post:

git clone git@github.com:altosaar/food2vec.git
cd food2vec/src

Visualization & embedding exploration tools

# run t-sne and make the plots for the ingredient embeddings
jupyter notebook ./src/plot_ingredients_recipes.ipynb

Embedding plot.ly plots to host them yourself



Pull requests and all feedback welcome! Please file an issue if you run into problems replicating the results.


  • get more data
  • convert jupyter notebook for plotting into one python script
  • write scripts to figure out the right vocabulary
  • fit a better model (e.g. the exact multi-class regression implemented in this repo at https://github.com/altosaar/food2vec/blob/master/src/food2vec.py) -- if you manage to get better results than the live demo at https://altosaar.github.io/food2vec/ just submit a pull request with the new assets/data/wordVecs.js and I'll happily update it :)
  • compare the above model embeddings to the word2vec_optimized.py embeddings
  • make the UI of the website more user-friendly and mobile-friendly


Thanks to Anthony for open-sourcing a javascript embedding browser -- the one here is heavily based on it.