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These scripts use the Python v2.2 API of RaptorXML+XBRL Server.

This script implements additional validation rules specified in the EBA XBRL Filing Rules (Version 4.1) document.

The following script parameters can be additionally specified:

parameter description
max-string-length Issue warnings if length of fact content exceeds the given limit (default=100)
max-id-length Issue warnings if length of id attribute values exceeds the given limit (default=50)
Example invocations:

Validate a single filing

  raptorxmlxbrl valxbrl instance.xbrl

Validate a single filing with additional options

  raptorxmlxbrl valxbrl --script-param=max-id-length:10 instance.xbrl

Using Altova RaptorXML+XBRL Server with XMLSpy client:

  1. do one of
    • Copy to the Altova RaptorXML Server script directory etc/scripts/ (default C:\Program Files\Altova\RaptorXMLXBRLServer2016\etc\scripts\ on Windows)
    • Edit the <server.script-root-dir> tag in the etc/server_config.xml Altova RaptorXML Server script directory
  2. Start Altova RaptorXML+XBRL server
  3. Start Altova XMLSpy, open Tools|Manage Raptor Servers... and connect to the running server
  4. Create a new configuration and rename it to e.g. "EBA CHECKS"
  5. Select the XBRL Instance property page and then set the script property to
  6. Select the new "EBA CHECKS" configuration in Tools|Raptor Servers and Configurations
  7. Open a EBA instance file
  8. Validate instance with XML|Validate XML on Server (Ctrl+F8)