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A thin container for a React component which provides access to the contained component's props and state.


In addition to superclass constructor arguments, the following keyword arguments are available during construction.

component [React-component, immutable]

Provides the React component class to create upon rendering.

props [Object, mutable]

Provides the initial value for props for the contained React component. Defaults to {}.


Import the widget:

import ReactComponent from "<path-to>/ReactComponent.js";

In the example below, Select is assumed to be the React Component react-select imported in the main document by a bunch of <script> elements and a <link> like this:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

This is just one simple way to do it. Any method that ensures the target React Component class is defined to the ReactComponent constructor is acceptable.

And finally, here is an example Backdraft component class that contains a react-select component instance:

class DemoContainerForReactComponent extends Component {
        console.log("react-select onChange:", e.value);
        this.theSelect.props = {value: e.value};

        return e("div", e(ReactComponent, {
            component: Select,
            props: {
                onChange: this.onChange.bind(this),
                options: [
                    {value: 'chocolate', label: 'Chocolate'},
                    {value: 'strawberry', label: 'Strawberry'},
                    {value: 'vanilla', label: 'Vanilla'}
            bdAttach: "theSelect"


ReactComponent derives from Backdraft Component. While the entirety of Backdraft's Component API is available, it applies to the div containing the React component, and, therefore, probably has no affect. For example, although setting enabled to false will add the CSS class bd-disabled the the div containing the React component, it won't have any affect on the contained React component. The contained React component can be controlled by the props setter and the setState() method.

Public API

immutable properties


When rendered, provides a reference to the contained React component instance; false otherwise.

mutable properties


Setting props shallow-merges the previous value of props with the provided value. If the instance is rendered, then a React (re)render is executed with the new properties.


setState(updater, callback)

If the instance is rendered, then causes React Component::setState(updater, callback) to be applied to the contained React component.


A div is created to contain the React Component.


None; see the contained component's capabilities.