v3.1 Changes

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Summary of changes for version 3.1

  • Added support for using different shapes for the elements String, TextLine, all PageSpaceType elements and on all BlockType elements.
  • The description of the attribute ROTATION is changed to the rotation of the contents of a block and not the block itself. The attribute is inherited by all sub elements.

Version 3.1 was released in January 2016.

You can find the version 3.1 schema here.

See also the use cases for the use of shapes.

Comments about the schema and its documentation as well as additional use cases for the new schema features are encouraged (GitHub account required).

ALTO schemas will be updated by whole numbers upon making changes that break backward compatibility (version 1 to version 2), and decimals for changes that will not (3.0 to 3.1). The namespace itself will also only change on major versions (ns-v2 to ns-v3).