This is a jquery plugin for the mozilla personas api.
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This is a jQuery client library for the BrowserID Protocol. BrowserID is a new way for users to log into web sites using their email address. It aims to provide a secure way of proving your identity to servers across the internet, without having to create separate usernames and passwords each time. Instead of a new username, it uses your email address as you identity which allows it to be descentralized since anyone can send you an email verification message.


#DEMO How to Use

###Include the BrowserID include.js library in your site by adding the following script tags to your pages:

<script> || document.write('<script src=""><\/script>')</script>
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="jquery.browserid.js"></script>

###Adding a login button:

<button id="login">LOGIN</button>

###on DOM ready initiate

$('<your button element>').browserID([options]);


  • options object - The options for the BrowserID instance.

####Example options :

   var options = {
    onlogin : function(response){ ... },
    onfail : function(response){ ... },
    onlogout : function(response){ ... },
    server : 'login.php' /* this is the verifier server url - attached in login.php */