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Simple module for writing to sharecart save files
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You should call sharecart.valid with the current working directory to determine if you're in a valid sharecart location. You'll need your game to be running in a directory that's a sibling to a /dat directory that contains a proper o_o.ini file.


sharecart.valid will return a boolean describing if you're in a sharecart compatible directory. If it isn't, it's up to your game to decide what to do. Maybe you create a sibling directory? Maybe you bail out and let the player know they should move the game? I don't know. Your call.

If you're using this from Love2D like I would be, there's an alternate initializer that you should use.

-- you should add the following code to your existing love.load declaration
function love.load(args)
	local sharecart_data = sharecart.love_load(love, args)
	if sharecart_data == nil then
	    -- do something to handle the fact that there is no
	    -- save file where it should be

This will run the .valid check for you, and do a couple other things to make sure that it will correctly find the sharecart save file. Otherwise if you distribute Mac .app games it won't work correctly, without some additional effort.

The Sharecart save file permits only specifc keys and restricted values for them

  • MapX (0-1023)
  • MapY (0-1023)
  • Misc0 (0-65535)
  • Misc1 (0-65535)
  • Misc2 (0-65535)
  • Misc3 (0-65535)
  • PlayerName (1023 characters max)
  • Switch0 (TRUE/FALSE)
  • Switch1 (TRUE/FALSE)
  • Switch2 (TRUE/FALSE)
  • Switch3 (TRUE/FALSE)
  • Switch4 (TRUE/FALSE)
  • Switch5 (TRUE/FALSE)
  • Switch6 (TRUE/FALSE)
  • Switch7 (TRUE/FALSE)

Writing to the sharecart save file is easy

local cart_data = sharecart.load(cwd)
cart_data.PlayerName = 'Stephen'

Doing this will immediately write that value to dat/o_o.ini. If you want to defer writing the value, for now you'll have to wrap the cart_data setters on your own.

If you set a non-sharecart key on the table, it'll blow up

cart_data.Name = 'Not a real key'
-->> lua: sharecart.lua:118: Key "Name" isn't a sharecart save key

Similarly, if you don't follow the restrictions for the key's data type, it'll also blow up.

cart_data.MapX = -5
-->> lua: sharecart.lua:122: Key "MapX" can't store the given value (-5)

Ideally you wouldn't write bad stuff to the shared file. Sometimes bugs happen. To protect yourself from writing bad data without crashing your game, you can do something like the following

function save_position(position)
	return function()
		cart_data.x = position.x
		cart_data.y = position.y

if not pcall(save_position(position)) then
	-- handle failure case

I'm not psyched about that pattern, but I'd rather not let me wreck the save data.

Let me know if this is terrible. I'll make an example game shortly in its own repo.

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