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Provides a Drupal+CiviCRM multi-container Docker application

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CiviCRM + Docker

This application was built for, it is heavily based on previous work by djcf. However, it differs from djcf's version in that it focuses on Drupal and uses Drush instead of civicrm-buildkit for installation and configuration.

The current implementation keeps with the Docker design principles of being:

  • simple - installs only what is needed

  • composable - web server and database in separate containers

  • automateable - requires no manual build steps

Everything should be well documented and straightforward. In addition, I have tried to rely on official builds as much as possible, all of which currently run on Debian Jessie.


The composition is made up of three separate containers:

  • Application - based on official Drupal:7-fpm image. Modified to load additional PHP extensions, install Drush, download CiviCRM, and run a post-build initialization script.

  • Database - linked from official MariaDB:latest image.

  • Web Server - based on official nginx:latest image. Modified to load CiviCRM specific configuration.

In theory, the database and web server containers could be swapped for any variants which CiviCRM supports.

How to Use

$ git clone && cd civicrm-docker

Update the environment variable files located underneath /env with your preferences.

Update the email configuration file located at /app/ssmtp.conf with your preferences.

Update the docker-compose.yml file with the ports you plan on using (if non-standard).

When you are ready, installation is as easy as:

$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up

You will also probably want to run the secure installation script on the database container:

$ docker exec -it civicrmdocker_db_1 bash
$ mysql_secure_installation



  • Docker for providing official packages for Drupal, MariaDB, nginx, and all others that went to building these.
  • djcf for their civicrm-docker project and related questions floating around the Internet.
  • Josh Lockhart for their blog post which maps a three container Docker image.
  • William Mortada for their explaination of the update procedure via Drush.
  • the Drupal community for documentation about hardening an install.
  • md5 for their gist demonstrating nginx+php-fpm.
  • wsargent for the Docker Cheat Sheet.
  • and the many giants who have come before me, this world would not be possible without you!


Provides a Drupal+CiviCRM multi-container Docker application






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