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Stories in Ready Build Status Code Climate Coverage Status Security Status #OSEM The Open Source Event Manager. An event management tool tailored to Free and Open Source Software conferences.

Installation and production usage

please refer to INSTALL documentation file

Development discipline

Our team is following agile methodologies to deliver best and as fast as we can. There are some things which we embrace


  • once in a while (2 weeks, currently) we catch up on freenode#osem to review results of previous sprint and plan next one.
  • date of the meeting is discussed and chosen beforehand with preference to friday (Milestone in Github terms)
  • on meeting we discuss what is achieved and what is not
  • we do planning of next sprint tasks. It is a commitment. We will do our best to deliver what we agreed on
  • we use to track current GH issues/pull requests
  • what is planned for current sprint is observable in ready column (each issue marked with label with same name)
  • what is delivered is in done columnt
  • what is in progress lives in respecitive column
  • each person assigned in ready column to an issue is acting on his task


please refer to our CONTRIBUTING guide


OSEM is extensively (some would say maniacally ;-) documented. You can generate a nice HTML documentation with ''rdoc''

bundle exec rdoc --op doc/app --all -f fivefish app
xdg-open doc/app/index.html


We are using rspec+capybara+factory girl to build test suite. You should run it continuously when you are developing, via:

bundle exec guard

This uses spring to provide a fast feedback loop for the red/green cycle.

Generally, no PR with decreased test coverage should be accepted. Please look closely on comments which been provided by Coveralls in your PR.


We are using rubocop as a style checker. It is running each time Travis run its testing routine. If you want to run it locally just bundle exec rubocop. You can read through current enabled rules in .rubocop.yml file. Explanations of the defined rules can be found in modules Cop::Lint and Cop::Style. Additionally you can read through community ruby style-guide to better understand core principles.


GitHub issues are the primary way for communicating about specific proposed changes to this project. If you have other questions feel free to subscribe to the mailinglist, all OSEM contributors are on that list! Additionally you can use #osem channel on freenode IRC.


Open Source Event Manager. An event management tool tailored to Free and Open Source Software conferences.




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