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This is the source code from the FreeType/2 OS/2 font driver.
Copyright (C) 1997-1998 Michal Necasek (mike@mendelu.cz).
Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Seo, Hyun-Tae (acrab001@hitel.net)
Copyright (C) 2002-2007 KO Myung-Hun (komh@chollian.net)
Copyright (C) 2010-2013 Alex Taylor (alex @ altsan . org)

Here's a description of the files in this package :

  readme.1st     This file

  read1st.kor    Source code README for Korean

  DEVELFAQ       The FreeType/2 developer faq. Read it before trying to
                 compile this program

  ifi/           Source code of the FreeType/2 font driver proper

  config/        Source code of ftconfig.exe

  lib/           Files of cross-platform FreeType library version 1.3.1

  dev-docs/      Some documentation 

Here's how to compile the font driver.

0. Read the DEVELFAQ ! Now ! Then make a WPS backup !

1. Compile FreeType library, simply go to "lib" directory,
   and type :

     nmake -f arch\os2\makefile.icc

2. Compile the font driver. Go to the "ifi" directory, then type

     nmake -f freetype.icc

   You should have created a file called "FreeType.dll". Copy it to
   your "ftos2" directory..

3. Run the "install.cmd" script, then reboot after closing all

4. When your desktop is back, go to the font palette and try to
   install some new TrueType fonts. Enjoy the difference :-)

5. You can also compile a small memory usage dumper called "ftmem.c"
   to know how much memory the driver is using. Simply do

     nmake -f ftmem.icc

   Then launch it. A small window will appear with the current amount
   of memory allocated by the driver.