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QE is intended to be a simple but functional viewer and editor for text files.

The philosophy behind QE is simple: sometimes people want to quickly read or edit a text file. At such times, they don't need a code editor with advanced development features (and possibly hefty startup times), or a complicated user interface that clutters up the screen or gets in the way.

What they do need is: the ability to easily toggle word wrap on or off, easy yet flexible search and replace, navigation by line, and a fast startup time. They may also need to read text files that come in various different encodings, but have full Unicode text support available. The ability to print may also be desirable.

QE was mainly written with OS/2 users (such as myself) in mind. As such, it is deliberately modeled on the OS/2 System Editor (and its somewhat improved replacement, Aaron Lawrence's AE). Its user interface should be broadly familiar to users of either editor. However, it adds a number of features that are now essential. First and foremost is support for multiple text encodings, including Unicode. QE can not only read and write any of the supported encodings, but can display all Unicode text (subject to font support) and even change the displayed encoding on the fly. Thus, there is no need to close the editor and restart it under a different codepage simply to accomodate a different encoding, and the ability to display text in different languages does not depend on the system.

Naturally, being written in Qt4, anti-aliased text is now available, which is increasingly important on modern high-resolution displays.

It also means that QE can easily be built on other platforms that support Qt4. Besides OS/2, binaries are also available for Windows (32-bit) and Linux.

See the releases page for downloads.

Note: The name 'QE' was chosen for continuity with 'AE', 'EE', and other basic OS/2 text editors. It is not officially an acronym for anything specific. During early development I referred to QE as a "quick text editor" (artifacts of which you might still see here and there), but that was never really intended as its official name. (If a backronym for QE is needed, 'quintessential editor' seems to me to be as good a choice as any.)

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