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EVA ICS demo: Farm management

Live demo



This demo deploys EVA ICS cluster to control virtual farm with two greenhouses.

Each greenhouse has own Universal Controller instance, which collects data from sensors:

  • greenhouseX/env/temp - temperature
  • greenhouseX/env/hum - humidity
  • greenhouseX/env/soilm - soil moisture
  • greenhouseX/env/ldr - light sensor (1 - ok, 0 - low)

Also, greenhouses are equipped with units:

  • greenhouseX/pump - water pump
  • greenhouseX/lamp - lighting lamps circuit

which can be turned on/off by operator or PLC.

In this setup, units use virtual relay drivers, port 1 for pump, port 2 for lamps. Sensors don't use any driver, user can set their values manually and simulate different events.


LM PLC has the following rules:

  • If ldr sensor in greenhouse becomes 0 - turn the light on, otherwise turn the light off
  • If soil becomes too dry ( < 85) - turn the pump on, if too wet ( > 110) - turn the pump off
  • If the pump is turned on by operator, it should be automatically turned off in 30 seconds for greenhouse 1, in 45 seconds for greenhouse 2
  • The pump should not be automatically turned off if it was turned on by operator but then measure monitoring detected that soil is dry
  • macro start_manual_watering is called by operator, other macros are called by decision rules.
  • Rules and automatic macros are programmed in universal way to use item props and _source object (in macros) to determine the event-related items. This allows the cluster to be extended with more greenhouses without creating any new macros.

Network and containers

  • Both UCs are set up on dedicated nodes and dynamically discovered by LM/SFA and exchange data via MQTT server
  • SFA and LM PLC are set up on the same node and statically connected via HTTP and exchange data via P2P connection
  • eva_farm_mqtt local MQTT server (mosquitto),
  • eva_farm_uc1 UC in greenhouse 1,
  • eva_farm_uc2 UC in greenhouse 2,
  • eva_farm_scada
  • LM PLC (logic controller)
  • SFA (aggregator, UI)



eva sfa cloud deploy -ys -c srv=$(hostname) \


Requirements: Docker, docker-compose.

  • Execute docker-compose up to deploy containers and demo configuration



Default master key is: demo123 - SFA API/primary operator interface


The port 8828 is also mapped to main host.


SFA user credentials:

  • login operator
  • password 123


CLI management:

docker exec -it <container_name> eva-shell

e.g. enter eva_farm_scada node shell:

docker exec -it eva_farm_scada eva-shell

Event simulation

Sensor events can be simulated with:

./ <greenhouse_number> <temp|hum|soilm|ldr> <value>