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# General
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from glob import glob
import random
import cv2
import warnings
warnings.simplefilter(action='ignore', category=FutureWarning)
warnings.simplefilter(action='ignore', category=UserWarning)
import h5py
# PyTorch
import torch
# Keras
from keras.optimizers import SGD
from keras.layers import Input, merge, ZeroPadding2D
from keras.layers.core import Dense, Dropout, Activation, Flatten
from keras.layers.convolutional import Conv2D
from keras.layers.pooling import AveragePooling2D, GlobalAveragePooling2D, MaxPooling2D
from keras.layers.normalization import BatchNormalization
from keras.models import Model, Sequential
import keras.backend as K
from keras.preprocessing.image import ImageDataGenerator
# Diverse
from sklearn.metrics import log_loss
from src.scale_layer import Scale
# Diverse funksjoner etc.
# Finetuning DenseNet121
def get_xray_data(img_width=100, img_height=100, batch_size=8):
train_datagen = ImageDataGenerator(
test_datagen = ImageDataGenerator(rescale=1./255)
train_generator = train_datagen.flow_from_directory(
target_size=(img_height, img_width),
val_generator = test_datagen.flow_from_directory(
target_size=(img_height, img_width),
return train_generator, val_generator
def densenet121_model(img_rows=224, img_cols=224, color_type=3, nb_dense_block=4, growth_rate=32, nb_filter=64, reduction=0.5, dropout_rate=0, weight_decay=1e-4, num_classes=10):
Modifisert versjon av
eps = 1.1e-5
# compute compression factor
compression = 1.0 - reduction
# Handle Dimension Ordering for different backends
global concat_axis
if K.image_dim_ordering() == 'tf':
concat_axis = 3
img_input = Input(shape=(img_rows, img_cols, color_type), name='data')
concat_axis = 1
img_input = Input(shape=(color_type, img_rows, img_cols), name='data')
# From architecture for ImageNet (Table 1 in the paper)
nb_filter = 64
nb_layers = [6,12,24,16] # For DenseNet-121
# Initial convolution
x = ZeroPadding2D((3, 3), name='conv1_zeropadding')(img_input)
x = Conv2D(nb_filter, (7, 7), strides=(2, 2), name='conv1', use_bias=False)(x)
x = BatchNormalization(epsilon=eps, axis=concat_axis, name='conv1_bn')(x)
x = Scale(axis=concat_axis, name='conv1_scale')(x)
x = Activation('relu', name='relu1')(x)
x = ZeroPadding2D((1, 1), name='pool1_zeropadding')(x)
x = MaxPooling2D((3, 3), strides=(2, 2), name='pool1')(x)
# Add dense blocks
for block_idx in range(nb_dense_block - 1):
stage = block_idx+2
x, nb_filter = dense_block(x, stage, nb_layers[block_idx], nb_filter, growth_rate, dropout_rate=dropout_rate, weight_decay=weight_decay)
# Add transition_block
x = transition_block(x, stage, nb_filter, compression=compression, dropout_rate=dropout_rate, weight_decay=weight_decay)
nb_filter = int(nb_filter * compression)
final_stage = stage + 1
x, nb_filter = dense_block(x, final_stage, nb_layers[-1], nb_filter, growth_rate, dropout_rate=dropout_rate, weight_decay=weight_decay)
x = BatchNormalization(epsilon=eps, axis=concat_axis, name='conv'+str(final_stage)+'_blk_bn')(x)
x = Scale(axis=concat_axis, name='conv'+str(final_stage)+'_blk_scale')(x)
x = Activation('relu', name='relu'+str(final_stage)+'_blk')(x)
x_fc = GlobalAveragePooling2D(name='pool'+str(final_stage))(x)
x_fc = Dense(1000, name='fc6')(x_fc)
x_fc = Activation('softmax', name='prob')(x_fc)
model = Model(img_input, x_fc, name='densenet')
if K.image_dim_ordering() == 'th':
# Use pre-trained weights for Theano backend
weights_path = 'weights/densenet121_weights_th.h5'
# Use pre-trained weights for Tensorflow backend
weights_path = 'weights/densenet121_weights_tf.h5'
model.load_weights(weights_path, by_name=True)
# Truncate and replace softmax layer for transfer learning
# Cannot use model.layers.pop() since model is not of Sequential() type
# The method below works since pre-trained weights are stored in layers but not in the model
x_newfc = GlobalAveragePooling2D(name='pool'+str(final_stage))(x)
x_newfc = Dense(num_classes, name='fc6')(x_newfc)
x_newfc = Activation('softmax', name='prob')(x_newfc)
model = Model(img_input, x_newfc)
# Learning rate is changed to 0.001
sgd = SGD(lr=1e-3, decay=1e-6, momentum=0.9, nesterov=True)
model.compile(optimizer=sgd, loss='categorical_crossentropy', metrics=['accuracy'])
return model
def conv_block(x, stage, branch, nb_filter, dropout_rate=None, weight_decay=1e-4):
'''Apply BatchNorm, Relu, bottleneck 1x1 Conv2D, 3x3 Conv2D, and option dropout
# Arguments
x: input tensor
stage: index for dense block
branch: layer index within each dense block
nb_filter: number of filters
dropout_rate: dropout rate
weight_decay: weight decay factor
eps = 1.1e-5
conv_name_base = 'conv' + str(stage) + '_' + str(branch)
relu_name_base = 'relu' + str(stage) + '_' + str(branch)
# 1x1 Convolution (Bottleneck layer)
inter_channel = nb_filter * 4
x = BatchNormalization(epsilon=eps, axis=concat_axis, name=conv_name_base+'_x1_bn')(x)
x = Scale(axis=concat_axis, name=conv_name_base+'_x1_scale')(x)
x = Activation('relu', name=relu_name_base+'_x1')(x)
x = Conv2D(inter_channel, (1, 1), name=conv_name_base+'_x1', use_bias=False)(x)
if dropout_rate:
x = Dropout(dropout_rate)(x)
# 3x3 Convolution
x = BatchNormalization(epsilon=eps, axis=concat_axis, name=conv_name_base+'_x2_bn')(x)
x = Scale(axis=concat_axis, name=conv_name_base+'_x2_scale')(x)
x = Activation('relu', name=relu_name_base+'_x2')(x)
x = ZeroPadding2D((1, 1), name=conv_name_base+'_x2_zeropadding')(x)
x = Conv2D(nb_filter, (3, 3), name=conv_name_base+'_x2', use_bias=False)(x)
if dropout_rate:
x = Dropout(dropout_rate)(x)
return x
def transition_block(x, stage, nb_filter, compression=1.0, dropout_rate=None, weight_decay=1E-4):
''' Apply BatchNorm, 1x1 Convolution, averagePooling, optional compression, dropout
# Arguments
x: input tensor
stage: index for dense block
nb_filter: number of filters
compression: calculated as 1 - reduction. Reduces the number of feature maps in the transition block.
dropout_rate: dropout rate
weight_decay: weight decay factor
eps = 1.1e-5
conv_name_base = 'conv' + str(stage) + '_blk'
relu_name_base = 'relu' + str(stage) + '_blk'
pool_name_base = 'pool' + str(stage)
x = BatchNormalization(epsilon=eps, axis=concat_axis, name=conv_name_base+'_bn')(x)
x = Scale(axis=concat_axis, name=conv_name_base+'_scale')(x)
x = Activation('relu', name=relu_name_base)(x)
x = Conv2D(int(nb_filter * compression), (1, 1), name=conv_name_base, use_bias=False)(x)
if dropout_rate:
x = Dropout(dropout_rate)(x)
x = AveragePooling2D((2, 2), strides=(2, 2), name=pool_name_base)(x)
return x
def dense_block(x, stage, nb_layers, nb_filter, growth_rate, dropout_rate=None, weight_decay=1e-4, grow_nb_filters=True):
''' Build a dense_block where the output of each conv_block is fed to subsequent ones
# Arguments
x: input tensor
stage: index for dense block
nb_layers: the number of layers of conv_block to append to the model.
nb_filter: number of filters
growth_rate: growth rate
dropout_rate: dropout rate
weight_decay: weight decay factor
grow_nb_filters: flag to decide to allow number of filters to grow
eps = 1.1e-5
concat_feat = x
for i in range(nb_layers):
branch = i+1
x = conv_block(concat_feat, stage, branch, growth_rate, dropout_rate, weight_decay)
concat_feat = merge([concat_feat, x], mode='concat', concat_axis=concat_axis, name='concat_'+str(stage)+'_'+str(branch))
if grow_nb_filters:
nb_filter += growth_rate
return concat_feat, nb_filter
def densenet121_xray_pretrained(img_width=50, img_height=50, weights=False):
print("Laster inn pre-trent DenseNet121 til X-Ray-data....")
model = densenet121_model(img_rows=img_width, img_cols=img_height, color_type=3, num_classes=1)
if weights: model.load_weights('weights/dn121-xray.h5')
print("Modell lastet inn")
return model
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