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Thunor Web

Thunor (pronounced THOO-nor) is a free software platform for managing, visualizing, and analyzing high throughput screen (HTS) data, which measure the dose-dependent response of cells to one or more drug(s). Thunor has a web interface for drag-and-drop upload of cell count data, automatic calculation of dose response curves, and an interactive multi-panelled plot system.

This repository, Thunor Web, is the web interface. Thunor Web builds on Thunor Core, which is a Python package that can be used for standalone analysis or integration into computational pipelines.


An online, read-only demo is available at


See the installation instructions for the typical installation procedure. This option is recommended for most users.

If you're interested in modifying the source code or contributing to Thunor Web, see the developer installation.

There's also an option for remote deployment using Docker Machine.

The differences between these options are covered in installation options.


Further documentation and installation instructions are available at


Lubbock A.L.R., Harris L.A., Quaranta V., Tyson D.R., Lopez C.F. Thunor: visualization and analysis of high-throughput dose–response datasets Nucleic Acids Research (2021), gkab424.

Reporting issues and getting help

If you're having issues, please review the documentation, and the frequently asked questions in particular.

If your question in not answered in the FAQ, please use our online chat.

If you've found a bug, please use Github issues to report it.


Web app for high throughput cell proliferation data





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