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C# 8 Cheat Sheet, Default Interface Methods, Pattern Matching, Indices and Ranges, Nullable Reference Types, Asynchronous Streams, Caller Expression Attribute ,Static Local Functions, Default in Deconstruction., Alternative Interpolated Verbatim Strings, Using Declarations, Relax Ordering of ref and partial Modifiers, Disposable ref structs, Gen…
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C# 8 Cheat Sheet with code example

Updated according to the Microsoft documentation:

  1. Default interface methods
  2. Nullable reference types
  3. Pattern matching enhancements
  4. Asynchronous streams
  5. Using declarations
  6. Enhancement of interpolated verbatim strings
  7. Null-coalescing assignment
  8. Static local functions
  9. Indices and ranges
  10. Unmanaged constructed types
  11. Readonly-Member
  12. Stackalloc in nested expressions
  13. Disposable ref structs

I will keep updating the cheat sheet. Please follow me and start it.

The following features are moved to C# 8.1, 8.2 and 8.x

  • Caller expression attribute
  • Target-typed new
  • Generic attributes
  • Default in deconstruction
  • Relax ordering of ref and partial modifiers

The following feaures will coming in C# 8.0 MERGED -> To Master

  • Default Interface Methods
  • Nullable reference type
  • Recursive patterns
  • Async streams
  • Enhanced using
  • Ranges
  • Null-coalescing Assignment
  • Alternative interpolated verbatim strings
  • stackalloc in nested contexts
  • Unmanaged generic structs
  • Static local functions
  • Readonly members

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