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Android client SSH extension for MIT Application Inventor 2
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Android client SSH extension for MIT Application Inventor 2

This is an AI2 extension made in Java for Android, compiled with the Apache ANT builder. It allows issuing Linux Bash/Shell commands to a remote SSH server, prefereably done in short execution, once the runnable thread runs under the AssyncTask, otherwise the whole application will become unresponsive to user interactions.

The code may be also useful for users of the AppyBuilder community; note however that although being intrinsically compatible, it were not tested on this development platform.

Bellow, a snapshot of the Component collection:


1 ) Fill string variables "SetUser", "SetHost" and "SetPasswords" accordingly, without queotes

2 ) Fill string variable "Command" with the Bash/Sheel command to be issued, without queotes (e.g: ls )

3 ) Call the function "SendData"

4 ) Get result either:

4.1 ) ...from within "NewIncomingMessage" event, argument "msgIn" contains current text line, indded the last one.

4.1 ) reading "GetReceivedMessage" variable; it is assyncronously updated (intermediary values are superseded)


A simple application with few components can be made to show check the extension working:

With the suggested arrangement:

If you want to give suggestions or if you notice any problem, please report it on the above 'Issue' section.

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