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I no longer maintain this repository as it was for a one time presentation on August 12th, 2017.

Device Security Presentation

A 10 minute presentation on laptop and phone (device) security for a digital security workshop for DC Legal Hackers/Georgetown Law/ACLU DC on Saturday, August 12th 2017 at Georgetown Law in Washington, D.C.

Slides online

View the slides online at

Content note

I published this presentation on GitHub for reference for workshop attendees. Though I tried to present standard security guidelines that probably won't expire any time soon, I will likely not be updating this presentation after the workshop.

Viewing slides locally

This project uses big to generate the presentation.

To view the slides locally:

git clone
cd device-security
npm install
npm start

Making changes to the slides

The slides use a Markdown file called for content. Make sure to regenerate the slides by running the command big-presentation-compose before running big-presentation-serve in order to see your changes.