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Eager Rendering

Distributed network rendering for Blender 3D.
The script will automatically prepare tiles for your scene and perform rendering on local and remote machines.

How it works

eager.py is used by Blender built-in Python interpreter internally. This script generates tiles for rendering using render border.
The eager.sh script does its best to distribute non-rendered tiles across local and remote machines for rendering. Once all the tiles are ready, the final image composes from local and remote tiles.
See the screencast:


Setup and run

  1. Install requirements:
    sudo aptitude install sshfs imagemagick feh
  2. Clone the repo
  3. Copy eager.sh and eager.py files into directory contains your .blend file
  4. Fill SSH_HOSTS variable in eager.sh with user@hostname for each of your remote machines. Be sure remote host has blender installed.
  5. Run:
    ./eager.sh <blend file> [blender options]
    These options are set as defaults: -E CYCLES -F PNG -t 0

I suggest you setup key-based ssh authentication without passphrase (or at least use ssh-agent) to run script smoothly without typing ssh credentials every time.