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Gentoo kernel updater.

This package provides a utility for automatically updating kernels (from various sources) on Gentoo systems.


This package is available through my overlay using the following method:

layman -f -o -a alunduil-overlay
emerge upkern

The latest release avilable is:

If you prefer to clone this package directly from git or assist with development, the URL is and the current status of the build is:


The simplest invocation of upkern, upkern, drops you into menuconfig for the latest kernel on the system. The various options that upkern respects allow this process to be personalized for the particular task at hand. For more information, see upkern --help.


Known Issues

Known issues can be found in the github issue list at


If you need to troubleshoot an issue or submit information in a bug report, we recommend obtaining the following pieces of information:

  • output with the debug logging turned on (--level debug or -l debug)
  • any relevant stack traces