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# Pigeon
+## NOTE: this code hasn't been updated for 3 years. The Twitter API doesn't support basic auth any more, and PhoneGap
+isn't even called PhoneGap these days. Don't use this code.
### Cross-Platform Twitter app developed using PhoneGap framework
Pigeon is a demo app for the PhoneGap framework, showing how to use PhoneGap to make that most common of mobile applications, a simple Twitter client, and deploy to multiple platforms. Pigeon authenticates your Twitter credentials and then displays all of the tweets from users you're following. You can post a new tweet (Pigeon gives a useful beep after you tweet) or select local tweets, which uses PhoneGap's geolocation api to get tweets from nearby.
@@ -12,4 +15,4 @@ Pigeon depends on the following projects:
* [PhoneGap](
* [XUI](
-* [Mobile Store](
+* [Mobile Store](

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