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Write mobile app configuration files based on a W3C Widget compliant config.xml file


gem install confetti


$ confetti generate android_manifest

or, from Ruby

require "confetti"
c_whatever = "/some/dir/config.xml"
c_whatever.write_android_manifest "/some/dir/AndroidManifest.xml"

Supported outputs right now: android_manifest, android_strings, webos_appinfo, ios_info, symbian_wrt_info, blackberry_widgets_config


  • extra platforms: Windows Phone 7, who knows what else
  • conversion from platform to platform (iOS to Android, or whatever)
  • support for platform-specific preferences, and features as PhoneGap APIs
  • maybe some documentation (let's not go crazy)

How to Add a New Platform

Let's say you want write a nintendo_ds_config generator:

  • create a feature file, like features/nintendo.feature
    • specify all the files to generate for your platform
    • specify the name each file will go under
      • nintendo_ds_config
    • and the default filename
      • NintendoDSConfig.xml
    • run rake features to verify that it fails
  • add a sample configuration file to spec/fixtures
    • the filename is based on the descriptive name
      • nintendo_ds_config_expected.xml
  • add some failing specs
    • copy one of the existing specs from spec/templates
      • cp android_manifest_spec.rb nintendo_ds_config_spec.rb
    • modify the new file to match your new template
      • this isn't as well automated as we'd like
    • run rake spec to verify that they fail
  • create your view class
    • as lib/confetti/templates/nintendo_ds_config.rb
    • should define Confetti::Template::NintendoDsConfig < Base
  • create your template file
    • copy your expected config into lib/confetti/templates
      • as nintendo_ds_config.mustache
    • replace the variable sections with mustache tags
  • in your view class
    • write methods that correspond to the variable sections in your template
  • run rake spec to ensure everything was set up correctly
  • add specs for generate and write methods
    • open spec/config_spec.rb
    • add the following line to the describe config generation block
      • it_should_have_generate_and_write_methods_for :nintendo_ds_config
  • run rake spec, see them fail
  • add generate and write methods
    • open lib/confetti/config.rb
    • add your platform to the generate_and_write call
      • generate_and_write ... :nintendo_ds_config
  • run rake spec again
  • build and install the gem, or whatever, so the cucumber tests work
  • run feature/nintendo.feature
    • it's all green!
    • you're the man now dog
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