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clarifying variable resolution

hat-tip to @mikereinstein
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@@ -310,10 +310,16 @@ series of capital letters, digits and underscores. For the above example, the
Tools using this specification should replace variable references with the
-correct value, if specified, or the empty string otherwise. The value of the
-variable reference may be detected (in this case, from the `AndroidManifest.xml`
-file, or specified by the user of the tool; the exact process is dependent on
-the particular tool.
+correct value, if specified, or the empty string otherwise.
+The value of the variable reference may be detected by the plugin installation
+tool (in this case, by reading the `AndroidManifest.xml` file), or specified
+by the end-user. One approach could be using environment variables:
+ $ pluginstall android . ~/my-plugin
+Variable resolution could also be specified programmatically, depending how the
+plugin installer is called.
Certain variable names should be reserved - these are listed below.
@@ -331,6 +337,7 @@ Fil Maj
## Contributors
Michael Brooks
+Mike Reinstein
## License

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