pluginstall not copying files to directory #16

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With the GAPlugin, the pluginstall command modifies the cordova.plist file etc, but does not copy the required files to the Plugins directory for ios project.

Plugins.xml file looks correct though:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<asset src="www/GAPlugin.js" target="GAPlugin.js" />

  <engine name="cordova" version=">=2.0.0" />

<!-- android -->
<platform name="android">
    <config-file target="res/xml/config.xml" parent="plugins">
        <plugin name="GAPlugin" value="com.adobe.plugins.GAPlugin"/>

    <source-file src="src/android/"
            target-dir="src/com/adobe/plugins" />
    <source-file src="src/android/libGoogleAnalyticsV2.jar"
            target-dir="libs" />

<!-- ios -->
<platform name="ios">
    <!-- Cordova < 2.3 -->
    <plugins-plist key="GAPlugin" string="GAPlugin" />

    <!-- Cordova >= 2.3 -->
    <config-file target="config.xml" parent="plugins">
        <plugin name="GAPlugin" value="GAPlugin"/>

    <source-file src="src/ios/GAPlugin.m" />
    <source-file src="src/ios/libGoogleAnalytics.a" />

    <header-file src="src/ios/GAITransactionItem.h" />
    <header-file src="src/ios/GAITransaction.h" />
    <header-file src="src/ios/GAITracker.h" />
    <header-file src="src/ios/GAITrackedViewController.h" />
    <header-file src="src/ios/GAI.h" />
    <header-file src="src/ios/GAPlugin.h" />

    <framework src="libGoogleAnalytics.a" />
    <framework src="CoreData.framework" />
    <framework src="SystemConfiguration.framework" />

(so all header files are not copied)

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