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hand written docs for phonegap and xui
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PhoneGap API Documentation

This is a documentation effort to eventually update and replace the current PhoneGap API Documentation website.

Document File Format

All of the PhoneGap documentation is written with markdown, a lightweight markup language that can be typeset to HTML. Markdown provides a simple and flexible way to document PhoneGap's core API and platform-specific APIs.

Doc Branch Structure


Documentation Generator

Currently, PhoneGap-Docs uses joDoc to generate HTML documentation from the set of Markdown files.

Install joDoc

  • Clone joDoc

    git clone
  • Add joDoc/ to your path

    Open ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile (or whatever you use)

      export PATH=$PATH:~/path/to/joDoc/
  • Install markdown

    # Use your package manager
    brew install markdown
    port install markdown
    aptitude install markdown

Run the Script

cd phonegap-docs

Manually Run joDoc

cd phonegap-docs/markdown
jodoc --output ../tmp --title "PhoneGap API Documentation" --toc phonegap/
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