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duplicate_txn_id only takes one argument

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1 parent 1d539eb commit 570f5d6727c16009cae0a055a59e05318e5dbc14 @mthornhill mthornhill committed
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2 paypal/standard/
@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ def verify(self, item_check_callable=None):
if self.is_transaction():
if self.payment_status not in self.PAYMENT_STATUS_CHOICES:
self.set_flag("Invalid payment_status. (%s)" % self.payment_status)
- if duplicate_txn_id(self, self.from_view):
+ if duplicate_txn_id(self):
self.set_flag("Duplicate txn_id. (%s)" % self.txn_id)
if self.receiver_email != RECEIVER_EMAIL:
self.set_flag("Invalid receiver_email. (%s)" % self.receiver_email)

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