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QtPlaskin is a graphical interface to analyze results from a plasma 
kinetic code such as ZdPlasKin (1).  It supports both a specific data
format based on HDF5 and importing directories with certain filesets
that can be written from a running FORTRAN code.

Currently, QtPlaskin runs in Linux, Mac OS X and Windows but see the
file INSTALL.txt for information on the libraries that must be
installed in your system and how to obtain them.

With the latest version of ZDPlaskin you can use 

  call ZDPlaskin_set_config(QTPLASKIN_SAVE=.true.)

Then you can import the data of your simulation into QtPlaskin by using
File -> Import from directory... in the program menu.

(1)  ZdPlaskin is a computer code developed by S. Pancheshnyi, B. Eismann, 
     G.J.M. Hagelaar and L.C. Pitchford, 
     http://www.zdplaskin.laplace.univ-tlse.fr (University of Toulouse, 
     LAPLACE, CNRS-UPS-INP, Toulouse, France, 2008).