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Blossom's Application framework

This framework includes all of the application code in Blossom, for both mouse-driven platforms and mobile/touch platforms. It is designed to run in browsers and on all of Blossom's native runtimes. (It is not currently designed to run in Node.)

The Application framework requires Blossom's Foundation framework to run. You can optionally use Blossom's Datastore framework for your app's model layer (recommended).

If you have installed Blossom as an npm module (see npm link), you can include Blossom's Application framework in your code like this:

// in your projectfile.js
require('blossom/buildtools'); // needed to bring in the BT global

var project = BT.Project.create({
  "foundation": require('blossom/foundation'), // required dependency
  "application": require('blossom/application')
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