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If you wish to contribute to Zend Framework, please be sure to
read/subscribe to the following resources:
* ZF2 Requirements:
* Coding Standards:
* ZF Git Guide:
* Contributor's Guide:
* ZF Contributor's mailing list:
* ZF Contributor's IRC channel: on
In order to contribute, you MUST first sign and send in a Contributor's
License Agreement; you may obtain a copy from (individuals) or (corporate); please read the
contributor's guide, linked above, for more information on the CLA and
how to deliver it.
If you are working on new features, or refactoring an existing
component, please create a proposal. You can do this in on the proposals
The full test suite currently does not run! This is due to some
components not yet being migrated to namespaces, as well as to some
issues we've encountered in refactoring.
To run tests:
* Make sure you have a recent version of PHPUnit installed; 3.4.0
* Enter the tests/ subdirectory.
* Execute PHPUnit, providing a path to a component directory for which
you wish to run tests, or a specific test class file.
% phpunit ZendTest/Application
% phpunit ZendTest/Application/Resource/CacheManagerTest.php
* You may also provide the "--group" switch; in such cases, provide the
top-level component name:
% phpunit --group Zend_Application
This will likely lead to errors, so it's usually best to specify a
specific component in which to run test:
% phpunit --group ZF-XYZ Zend/Application
You can turn on conditional tests with the TestConfiguration.php file.
To do so:
* Enter the tests/ subdirectory.
* Copy TestConfiguration.php.dist file to TestConfiguration.php
* Edit TestConfiguration.php to enable any specific functionality you
want to test, as well as to provide test values to utilize.