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GolfScript implementation written in Clojure.
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GolfScript implementation written in Clojure.

Differences with GolfScript

  • No Ruby interop. Clojure interop is available instead.
  • Mapping of ints->char when arrays->string might be different than GolfScript's (due to charset differences, I think Ruby uses UTF-8 and Clojure UTF-16.)
  • Assignments are local to blocks! (this is probably a bug and will be fixed.)
  • Bad escaping of charset characters in a certain operation.
  • $ (int) fails if stack is over/underflowed
  • $ (block block) behaves differently
  • * (block block) doesn't work
  • If a symbol is defined upon block compilation, it will be compiled (and not replaced by the future value upon execution)
  • Finishing stack and operating on it will cause and error (e.g. "2+" fails, while in GolfScript it returns "2")


Copyright © 2012 Álvaro Cuesta.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure uses. See the file COPYING.

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