Active motion capture suit which reads data from IMUs in real time and sends them to Blender over Bluetooth. Low cost and open-source
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Full video here

The suit uses BNO055 boards in each joint, with one or two sensors per I2C bus, and an I2C multiplexer to switch between buses. It connects over bluetooth to a BT to USB bridge module, which enables communication between the suit and the computer.

The Blender folder contains two blender files and a python script. "MotioSuit.blend" is ready to be used, while "Armature.blend" contains the skeleton and logic but not the model, so other characters may be controlled.

To start the program press on "Start Game Engine". Optionally, press on "Record Animation" to record the session.

Both python 3 and pyserial need to be installed for the communication to work.


The code is shared under GPL v2

Every thing else is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike