How to activate a fullPage.js extension

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  1. Access (Which is the URL that was sent to your email address when purchasing the extension)
  2. Introduce the license key that was given to you when purchasing the item. Also in available in your purchase confirmation email.
  3. A domain name might be required in order to obtain the activation key for your product.
  4. Once you have the activation key for your extension and domain (generated on the previous steps) you'll need to add an option in the fullpage.js initialization with the form nameOfExtension + "Key": key.

For example:

new fullPage('#fullpage', {
    fadingEffect: true,

Same for the rest of extensions if you are using them. These are are all the extension key options at the moment:

  • fadingEffectKey
  • responsiveSlidesKey
  • continuousHorizontalKey
  • interlockedSlidesKey
  • scrollHorizontallyKey
  • resetSlidersKey
  • offsetSectionsKey
  • dragAndMoveKey
  • parallaxKey

Remember the use of extensions requires the use of fullpage.extensions.min.js instead of the usual fullPage.js file (fullpage.js) as explained in the use of extensions.

What to do for development environments / websites?

No activation key is necessary for localhost and Any other staging domains will require a license (Professional or Business) that allows to generate a new key for those.

License key vs activation key

Both are different keys.

  • You get the license key when purchasing any extension.
  • You get the activation key when activating your extension for a particular domain (unless using the Business License). In order to generate it you need the license key.

The license key is composed by 4 groups of 8 characters each (XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX) and the activation key has a variable length and it is not composed by separated groups (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) It is important not to confuse each other.

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