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-Fix the cabal files
- Never done it, gotta find out how.
Switch to extensible exceptions so GHC shuts up
-Add support for multiple channels
- The bot now replies to the channel the message originated from.
- Need to handle queries and stuff though.
Add support for multiple networks
Or just run one bot per network, hehehe.
Add support for CTCP messages
The Seen stuff now prints ACTIONs nicely.
Anything else will probably have to be handled on a per-message basis,
as CTCP messages are just like any other but with some \SOH thrown in.
-Add support for query
- Messages kinda like this
- got: :nlogax!~nlogax@unaffiliated/nlogax PRIVMSG ultror :> 1
- sent: PRIVMSG ultror : 1\n
- got: :ultror! PRIVMSG ultror : 1

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