A python password generator that doesn't store your passwords.
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*                              pwgen                                *

pwgen is a simple password generator/manager that doesn't store the
passwords, but instead regenerates them evrey time you want to use
them. This is done by takeing a SHA512 hash of your master password
and the name of the password. This hash is then used to generate
a password of a chosen length consiting of lower and uppercase
letters and numbers. Optionally also punctuation characters can be
used in the passwords. A list of previously used names will be stored
in ~/.pwgen

pwgen was originally inspired by this thread in the Ubuntu forums:

pwgen is written in python3 with a tkinter interface, so a complete
python3 installation should be enough to use it. With the -c option
pwgen can also be used on the console, without opening a gui or even
having the tkinter modules installed. The password will then be written
to stderr so it can easily be redirected.