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WebRTC Identity hackathon

Notes, code and pointers for the IETF Hackathon project "WebRTC Identity" at London IETF 101, March 2018

Instant comms channel: #webrtc on

The following repos contain interesting code for the hackathon:

CoSMo's code:

I (sergio) have put together some code to create a p2p server integrated with idp:

I (sergio) have also setup so you can test it online easily:

When testing with Firefox nightly I sometimes get an "unreadable" error on gUM, and I get sometimes an ice connection error which I have not yet been able to debug, but idp works.

Mozilla's Martin's code

Cisco's Fluffy's code

Google's Hta: The Shortest Possible IdP

  • subdirectory "clienthack"
  • running demo: call by
    • pc.setIdentityProvider("", "identity-provider.js", "hint-anonymous");
  • Add Your Code HERE

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